how to grow chia seeds

Good luck with your chia growing! If you enjoy a summer smoothie or your kids like milkshakes, add some chia seeds for extra energy. I'll show you how easy it is to grow your own chia plants. Prepare your bed of soil in the fall, and scatter seeds lightly over, just barely covering with soil. Successful collection of chia seeds without waste has a lot to do with timing. I feel for you. I have tried a more dense sifter but the debris will not fall through. Good luck! This means it needs to be able to retain moisture without drowning the seeds. I suggest you grow half a dozen chia plants and see how much yield you get. I started my Chia plants in the spring in doors in pots and planted them outside. Since then, I've been harvesting and saving seed to use from one year to the next. Try planting some in a spot with more sunshine in case that’s your problem. I really don't know what to expect, sorry. How to Grow and Care for Alligator Juniper. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on April 06, 2017: Shade for part of the day works well if your climate is extremely hot and sunny. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on November 12, 2017: In that space, Justin, you'd have room for only two fully grown chia plants. Thank you so much for the article. We need to eat EFAs daily because the human body cannot manufacture them. Congratulations on your successful chia seed harvest! How many days to maturity from seed to harvest? Yours is definitely different. Thanks. When planting chia seeds directly in the garden, I create a carpet of chia and then thin the plants as they grow. Answer: Plant chia seeds in spring. Here's a tip to make life a little easier for you. If you have relentless sun, provide shade for part of the day. Can Chia sprouts be put under the sun to dry before using for tea? can they grow in a tropical country? Plant your chia seeds in a warm, temperate area. In fact, the accepted definition of "black chia" includes gray and brown chia seeds. I don't know of any plants that germinate and grow without water. A member of the Lamiaceae or mint family, salvia is the largest genus. I live in (9a) zone. By your comment: "There are lots of variables when growing chia. Can you imagine how long it will take to pick it , wait for it to dry, crush it and the putting it through a sieve. Can I grow it indoors? What time of year do you plant it (is it a cold or warm weather crop). It’s also important to note th… @gtfacegha, I'm a home grower of chia and I live in Australia so I really can't advise you about growing chia seed commercially in your part of the world. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on July 15, 2017: If you read my article and all my answers to the many questions I've received about growing chia over the years, there's not much more I can add. Could you explain? :). If growing your chia plants in pots, use a commercial growing mix with a bit of sand added, and use unglazed terracotta pots for good moisture absorption. What gauge sifter do I need to use? thanks. Continue to keep the soil moist until the chia seeds germinate in about two weeks. Share on Pinterest. I confess it does frustrate me when people ask questions that I've already addressed. Prepare the soil for the crop, just sprinkle the seeds over the soil. I water them twice a week. In this photo, taken at the end of the season, the ribs are very obvious. They swell a little as they absorb saliva, making them soft and ready for the journey to your stomach. If you were to swallow a handful of chia seeds with out soaking they can cause a blockage in the esophagus due to the way they respond to moisture-- this is in reference to #4 in your list of 10 ways to eat Chia. Since I live in a high desert, this is important for me. After cutting the sprouts for salad can it regrow again or need to germinate the seed again? This will be a slow and arduous process if you are growing a lot of chia plants, but the seeds will fall freely. I recently was given some chia plants from an African woman who said she grows them in Uganda; what does that portend for mine here in Maine (which are thriving so far)? There are some plants whose days to maturity can be greatly manipulated by the amount of sunlight they get per day. Give the heads time to dry in paper bags or on a drying rack. It dried in winter and my parents harvested the seeds for me. I’m not aware of other uses. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on September 28, 2017: I've never paid attention to how many cups of chia seeds can be collected from each plant, Olivia. You can eat them whole and still get a punch of extra energy and nutrients. The seeds needs to be close to each other to get a thick little lawn of chia sporuts, but still try to aim for as few layers as possible (this can be a bigger challenge than you might expect with an eager toddler helping). While growing chia seeds, you might probably think of the question that whether you can grow chia seeds at any time of the year or not. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on January 01, 2018: Yes, Susan, but slapping would not be appropriate with the type of chia plants I grow and write about. Sprinkle a few seeds over the soil and rub gently to cover them. Black tea, milk, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and mace.....and sometimes black pepper. Before harvasting for chia seeds, must we sun the flower heads? Lightly rake in the chia seeds. The plants reached height of 6 feet plus, but it is now the beginning of October and I still have no flour heads. Always happy when my articles help! The fastest way to crush the dried flower heads and extract the seeds is by rubbing it using a flat hand. It makes totally sense that they slap the plants to get the seeds as there are so many plants that it is impossible to pick them individually.Even if they loose a lot of seeds it is quicker to gather and less time consuming . When their leaves start to droop a little, water them. Sprouting chia seeds increases their vitamin content and makes them even more nutritious. As far as I know, the seed color can be different, not the flower. :). Great breaky! A single ounce of chia seeds is the equivalent of 28 grams of omega-3 fatty acids. In a nutshell, yes! Answer: If you want to grow good, strong chia plants and harvest chia seeds at the end of their growth, you'll need plenty of good, nutritious soil to grow them in. Black chia has traditionally been the name given to any chia seed that isn't white (which, incidentally isn't really white, either). could you provide more about the season? My chia in fields of 150 x 100ft with rows of a tractor tire width has grown to 6-7 ft tall starting in March in Southern VA but by Oct has not flowered or seeded. Would the weather in Thailand be supportive enough, its mainly hot all around the year, with a peak of 40-42 deg C? LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on September 24, 2017: The person who posted that video and labelled it 'gathering chia' obviously believes it is chia, Deirdre. So if you're waiting from a reply to a question, please ask again. Some reach six feet or more while others settle and flower at about five feet tall. However, as I've said many times, I'm no authority on how chia will perform in different parts of the world, which is why I suggest people experiment with a few plants in different parts of their garden. How tall does your chia grow? They are hardy in USDA zones 8-11. If you don't have animals, use the chia leaves as mulch. Answer: I’ve always started with seed each year, often self-seeded. LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on April 07, 2018: Thanks, Corrine. They benefit from regular watering until they're established, but after that may need little to no additional watering, as they tend to adjust to all sorts of conditions. If you prefer to grow chia plants for sprouts, start the seeds on a soilless medium. I'm inspired to give growing some of my old chia seeds a try! @Zone, I'm thinking Salt Lake City is probably not a great place for growing chia plants, but I'm an Australian so I don't have any real knowledge about your part of the world. If the climate where I live is ‘borderline,' or if I can create a suitable microclimate, I try all kinds of things and sometimes get lucky. Chia plants grow very big before they mature, and flowering followed by seeds is a relatively slow process as well, compared to other plants. Below is the fastest method they've come up with. You could start with more, but expect to pull the others out as they grow. Here's the quote, in case you can't find it ... "Re; the video showing California native plant chia. The planting was over newly cleared out and burned over ground on top of a hill that has not been farmed in 45 years other than harvesting grass. You have some chia plants now, so it is simply a matter of time before you find out how well they do. Do the plants require feeding? LongTimeMother (author) from Australia on November 28, 2017: It will depend on your climate, Anshu De Silva, and other factors. Good drainage is important, however, as chia plants don't like to stay too wet. Chia is one of the easiest plants to grow, and one of the healthiest. more tedious harvesting but less separating. In my experience, the simplest, easiest, and most effective way to harvest your chia is to wait for most of the flowers to fall and pick when there are only a small number of petals remaining. how about temperature, fertiliser and so that we can grow chia? And stab them gently and cover them with soil. I would certainly plant some of your frozen seeds and see if they grow. Roots and stalks become pig food or compost. You can thin the plants afterward. While many types of seeds are best sprouted and grown in a jar, such as wheat and various kinds of beans, chia seeds grow best using the sprinkle sprouting method. When you get back to your kitchen, separating the remaining seeds may be as simple as shaking, instead of rolling, the individual seed heads. Chia seeds have exploded in popularity in recent years. You probably won't notice them as you drink, but the goodness will be there! The leaves have started turning black from the corners and also the roots are wilting. When the sprouts are about three inches tall, they are ready for transplanting. However if you’re concerned about the possibility, I suggest you search the internet with your favourite search engine. I scoured the comments but could not find the question that I need to ask and it is this: I have purchased a container of chia seeds from a health food store, and keep them in the freezer for my milkshakes. are you sure the crop being gathered is chia? Before you assemble any gardening supplies, check that your planting area gets a lot of direct sunlight, and that the air temperature is around 60 °F (16 °C). Cindy, I've googled 'zone three' because I live in Australia where we don't have numbered zones like you do. It deserves a place in your garden. What kind of soil does chia like? Folks who simply repeat what they read on the internet will fall for the PR stunt but those who know about chia, through research and personal experience, will always know it is a load of hogwash. Answer: Chia dies down at the end of the season, so it is an annual. Those deer will have to work hard to thin them. 2. Leaves will wilt and look thirsty when it is time to water them. I don't know the gauge, but you can compare the holes to the size of the chia seeds. My organic chia plants grow as tall as an adult. LTM's extensive organic gardens feature fruit trees, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, grapes, and berries. But if you are 1000 metres above sea level I suspect you have a longer cold season than your warm growing season. The size of your harvest will determine how many days are required to separate the seeds, but if I don't have time, I store dried flower heads in a large calico bag until I have time for my next seed separating session. (Put them in a warm place indoors and shake the bags often to make sure the leaves get plenty of air to avoid mould.). It will then be important to choose your growing media. Once done, use a sifter to get rid of the excess. Chia grows taller than most herbs and takes up a lot of space, so give thought to where you'll grow it. (10 May 2019). EFAs, such as those found in chia, can assist with weight loss and removal of toxins from the body. It is also known by its botanical name which is Salvia hispanica. I started growing chia seeds on tissue. Because I insist on growing everything organically, there are no pesticides or chemicals to fear at harvest time. Chia seeds are propagated from both the seeds and seedlings, growing Chia plants from seeds can be best job. Sounds like you've gone to a lot of effort to create an ideal growing environment for your chia and, so far, it is working out fine. Good luck. You’ll need a growing tray of some description, a 10×20 tray is a good starting point. Thanks, really cool article. My chia seedlings are about 2 inches tall , I keep them in a place with morning sun light . Let me know the results. Also I plan to plant them in my small garden out back this year, 2018. If you are genuinely interested in trying to grow chia, I suggest just tossing a few seeds on the ground at the beginning of your growing season and doing your own experiment. This is the kind of chia seeds I bought years ago and planted. Do you need to soak chia seeds before eating? Extra chia leaves I feed to my hens, pigs, or other animals. Add mulch and compost and anything you like to make your garden healthier as your plants grow, but put it on top and let it feed the soil from above. There is no need of digging a hole to sow them. It seems the word of doubt is starting to spread, but don't believe what they tell you—the brown seeds are in no way inferior (and, in fact, their brown color may be a sign that they're natural!).

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