Andrea Vega-Tompkins

Andrea Vega-Tompkins

Direct: 727-422-6147

Real estate and interior design have always gone hand-in-hand.  With over 13 years in the interior design industry, Andrea brings vision and creative expertise to each listing to show how EVERY home potentially has what EVERY buyer is looking for.  With an extensive knowledge of the current design market, she knows what today’s buyers are looking for in a home, and what a realistic budget would be to acquire those amenities.  Her years of experience in bringing vision and luxury to homes around the Tampa Bay area enable her to highlight a home’s best features, and help buyers visualize themselves in each listing.  Her passion for interior design is evident in every one of her home buying and selling experiences.  Andrea’s addition to The Katie Ducharme Team has helped broaden the group’s client base throughout the Tampa Bay area.