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“My view is that this gland [the pineal gland] is the principal seat of the soul, and the place in which all thoughts are formed.” Cheers! The minimum possible bet per spin is 10p while the maximum is €100 per spin. The Third Eye is a key concept in Hinduism. Not only are they linked to pineal gland calcification but also to a host of other bad health issues. Enlightenment is the integration with Source, and being enlightened with all its knowledge. You should be well grounded in your spiritual growth and have a life of integrity before you do this. I love your article but you have some facts wrong. Some of these capacities are telepathy, astral projection, lucid dreaming, and clairvoyance. The Pineal Gland was revered during the Egyptian times as the Eye of Horus for a reason, because it is the Seat of the Soul. Of course your muscle is going to work best when it’s healthy and unclogged. Boiling fluoridated water only concentrates it so it’s best to stop fluoridation of water supplies. 18 Pineal Gland, The Eye of Horus in the Egyptian mysticism, is the biological correlate of Ajña Chakra which is the prānic confluence of Īdā & Pingalā pathways. Is this post helping you to learn the secret of the Egyptian third eye or the eye of Horus? Check out the videos below for more on the pineal gland. Use IT! THE EYE OF RA AND THE PINEAL GLAND The Eye of Ra, or the Eye of Horus, is regarded today as an Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. And do share this post with your friends on the social network. Binaural Beats – Sticks some on your headphones while you’re meditation. Perhaps you have already awakened your third eye? hide. That is the third eye or the eye of Horus. You can see the Eye of Horus clearly outlines the Pineal Gland. Most importantly, to discover the true meaning of the world we must awaken the third eye of Horus. When you start to awaken you may experience headaches. I thought I was going crazy. Being able to access the powers of the third eye of Horus provides incredible capacities. Disgrace on the search engines for not positioning this post higher! Come on over and talk over with my web site . As you become more enlightened here in the 3 dimensional world (because your true Self/Soul is Enlightened), so does everyone else through the Collective Consciousness, making it also easier for others to achieve this state. I am very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there. and anything that isn’t found in nature. The Fluoride Action Network is currently suing the U.S Environmental Protection Agency to ban artificial water fluoridation due to fluorides’s neurotoxicity. The book What is Lightbody channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren is a good read and describes other symptoms that you may experience and how to alleviate them. Only then we can bring forth the true bliss and insight we seek within. It is certainly strange that a reptile's pineal gland has the same shape and tissue as a normal eye-considering the ancients literally believed the pineal gland was a third eye within the human body, performing a similar biological function. It is more expensive, so try as best you can. Hello my pinal gland is working help me please. The pineal gland is a part of our physical and spiritual anatomy. The Pineal Gland is where the intuitive Intellectual information comes through, where the Feelings you get are backed up with reasons. And that further suppresses the gland. Perfectly written! If they were said to be all … The pineal gland is often known as the Egyptian third eye, or the mystical eye of Horus. It teaches people to “unify” or “balance” their left-bodily side lunar Ida with their right-bodily side solar Pingala. You can disguise fresh cilantro and chlorella in smoothies, as well as other superfoods like spirulina, wheatgrass, kale, broccoli and raw cacao that would be good to include in your diet. save. Your inner (higher) self communicates to you in these areas, by giving us a FEELING that something is not quite right or feels right. Healthy Diet of Organic, Living, Plant based foods – All sorts of chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, additives, preservatives, and hormones can be found in the vegetables and meat that you buy from the supermarket. Bynum goes on to say, “It is known to convert central nervous system signals into endocrine system activity and secrete subtle and powerful hormones many of which are known to have visionary or hallucinogenic capacities. as with the layout on your blog. The Huffington Post – Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ The ancient Egyptians scrolls and hieroglyphs describe how the Egyptian third eye, the eye of Horus, sits between the eyebrows. Horus himself was more closely associated with the concepts of war, royalty, protection and the sun. If the packaging doesn’t say “hormone free”, it probably isn’t. Keep writing. These are normal symptoms. I do believe the eye was modeled after the gland, it makes sense. You attract similar vibrations (Law of Attraction) and thus if you have a tendency to cheat, control, manipulate, large ego etc, you will attract similar lower astral interferences that can be detrimental to your life, health and well-being. And that, in turn, can bring in disorders like heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland, The Science of The Pineal Gland and Third Eye Activation - Duration: 16:43. The Eye itself was mostly believed to protect people, specifically in the after-life. And “sun” or “soul” is truly the “divine spark” or “Higher Self” within us. So only during your sleep in complete darkness (absolutely preferred) can it renew and replenish itself for another cycle. And it is the part of you which can summon and invoke the supernatural in you. 319 comments. Consider the Eye of Horus—a literal depiction of the pineal gland resting inside the human brain. First of all I would like to say superb blog! Remember Rubbish in, Rubbish out! Turmeric shown to Protect Brain against Fluoride Poisoning I respect you, but I have to say what I feel. Buddhist don’t achieve enlightenment just for themselves, they know as they raise they also impact the Collective. This fluid distributes naturally through a small pineal recess linked to the third ventricle. pic.twitter.com/6FxUtUOgV8 As you become more enlightened here in the 3 dimensional world (because your true Self/Soul is Enlightened), so does everyone else through the Collective Consciousness, making it also easier for others to achieve this state. Even if you don’t believe the yibber yabber, the Pineal gland is part of your brain. I have written another blog on Cancer, hope that can help http://www.ourwonderlife.com/cancer-prevention/. Free-range because simply there’s no reason why we can’t treat animals well before they are to be eaten and health wise, if you are eating animals that are caged and treated badly, that meat is going to be carrying a lot of negative bad vibes. report. Website: http://herb24.space. The Ancients knew this and thus it is called ‘the third eye’ also referred to as the Ajna Chakra. days. You may also feel tiredness stemming from the pineal gland area, just like if you had strained your eyes all day and they are tired. This is why Indian Swamis (Yogis) meditate at 3am. The Internal Stargate | Pineal gland, Third eye, Eye of horus Oct 29, 2017 - INTRODUCTION This piece was originally formulated as an explanation of my theory that the Pineal Gland is an internal stargate that allows us to experience multidimensional realms. The pineal gland is the tiny ball shaped structure next to the thalamus. I had a quick question in which Thank you =). Please note the Harvard Study confirming Fluoride reduces children’s IQ, and more recently CNN’s report on how exposure in utero has also been found linked to lower IQ in kids (just click on the links). Hi there to every single one, it’s in fact a nice for me to visit Best Libido Boosting Foods for men – Eat the 10 best ones! Pineal gland hasn’t been proved to make DMT. Thus the spiral is the most common form in the universe, from galaxies to cyclones, shells, flowers and plants. The fluoride that’s added is toxic waste, please see Debunking Fluoride Myth article here. share. Cut out acidic beverages like soda and energy drinks as all you are drinking are chemicals (also due to sugar – which cancer cells love). His mission is to teach men to reinvigorate their lives using the power of juicing. Connection with Source also results in feelings of absolute bliss. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills as well Many people are trying to find ways to fully open their pineal glands but one person in particular may have gotten more than he desired. It depicts our Evolution from and towards the Light as we move through Time and Space, forever expanding. What is Lightbody? We must allow the pineal gland to release its true potential. The knowledge of the pineal gland and the association with the so-called “third eye” (the all-seeing eye) dates back to very ancient times and we can find representation in various cultures throughout human history. Saved by persephone sunset moonstone. Home » Nutrition » Egyptian Third Eye (Pineal Gland) Secret: The eye of Horus. Connection with Source also results in feelings of absolute bliss. “This site was… how do you say it? They say that chemicals causing the pineal gland calcification are added to food and water supply intended to be consumed by the general population. The old saying is that the Egyptian tradition was full of fear and death. Knowing the location of the pineal gland is important, as you need to know where to visualise it, when we are attempting to activate it. cannonkangaroo: “ “ Eye of Horus and Pineal gland cross-section comparison. The eastern cultures believe that the pineal gland has secret mystical properties. The more you use it, the more the muscle builds up. With that said, it is the secret behind the third eye of Horus. this site, it consists of precious Information. Watch this video on YouTube Watch this video on YouTube I mean the thyroid hormone alone controls the cardiovascular system, brain development, muscle control, digestive health and metabolism. Studies taken over the decades describe how powerful the pineal gland can be when one sets the link between the awakened gland and the third eye of Horus. Connection with the Oneness also helps widen your perception, so your overview is not just about yourself, but encompasses others and the world; promoting empathy and understanding, and harmonious relationships. Yes, you would think it would be all fun, but no, they couldn’t make it easy. The pineal gland is considered as a way of traveling between dimensions, referred by many as astral projection or remote viewing. How to De-Calcify the Pineal Gland What is the pineal gland. Or stir white distilled vinegar into 3 cups water and submerge vegetable in the mixture, letting soak for at least two minutes. Our goal should be to walk in alignment, in Love and Gratitude throughout daily life as much as possible, not just during meditational breaks. One I find very beneficial to help let go of resistance to awakening changes, is imagining yourself on the beach, legs towards the water. And eastern religions still follow it such as Hinduism. I’d like to ask if you do not mind. Once activated, rather than imagining things, empty your mind as you meditate. You can adjust these paylines as you desire so that only those active paylines count. And that enables a view of the true nature of reality to unfold in front of one’s eyes. Loving the information on this website, you Meditating in natural sunlight, with the sun on your 3rd eye area (eyes closed) also feels amazing. THE MYSTERY OF THE THIRD EYE. Buddhist don’t achieve enlightenment just for themselves, they know as they raise they also impact the Collective. have done outstanding job on the articles. It is not about manifestation, it’s about being connected to Source as much as possible so you can be the Best possible and the Happiest you at all times; naturally vibrating at your highest, so you also raise the vibrations around you as much as possible. Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon. Then the neuro team informs me of this finding. Ironically, the pineal gland is one of the smallest parts in the brain. Like!! These spirals take time to form, time is required to shape a shell, a flower to grow. Cheers!”. The same with the Pineal Gland. Directly on the midline of the brain sits a singular pine cone shaped endocrine structure called the pineal gland. There are conspiration theories about what is done to keep away the fabulous third eye power from the mass. Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! All rights reserved. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Curiously, if we look at the Pineal Gland and the Eye of Horus we will find a fascinating similarity. If you like this post, I invite you to click on the red bell icon located in the lower right corner to receive notifications when I publish new articles. It is not about manifestation, it’s about being connected to Source as much as possible so you can be the Best possible and the Happiest you at all times; naturally vibrating at your highest, so you also raise the vibrations around you as much as possible. This is why Indian Swamis (Yogis) meditate at 3am. Thanks for finally talking about >OurWonderlife | De-Calcify the Pineal Gland – Our Eye of Horus

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