Cheese rooms are a desired luxury in Australia

Lots of articles talk about desired luxury features in homes here in the US, but what’s appealing in Australia? According to Ken Jacobs with Christie’s International Real Estate in Australia, climate controlled cheese rooms and wine rooms are must-haves in $10 million+ homes, often waterproof and fireproof as well. Private beaches are popular there, as they are here in the St Petersburg area, though it’s rare for the beach not to be public in Florida. Elevators are getting larger than those designed for one or two people, and pools are getting larger, with infinity pools quite popular, as they are in Costa Rica. Volleyball courts and helipads aren’t common here, either, especially with our smaller waterfront parcels. According to Jacobs, Australia, too, is dealing with international buyers. Read what he says are some of the demands of Sydney’s elite real estate.

Originally posted by Sharon Simms, VP of International Markets for Coastal Properties Group International / Christie’s International Real Estate here.