morrowind richest merchant

He has $10k available and gives you full price for your items. You can sell Daedric gear to this guy and you might get 1/10 of its worth. I had been slaving away from 9 to 5 o'clock every day until finally I took a lesson from Morrowind and became an adventurer. This is a disambiguation page—a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. If an article link refers here, consider backtracking and fixing it, so that it points directly to the intended page. 8. A merchant who has hit a rough spot made a pact with Clavicus Vile to make him the richest merchant on Vvardenfell. Mudcrab Merchant may refer to: Mudcrab Merchant (Morrowind) Mudcrab Merchant … When you visit Creeper, he'll have 50,000 Septims to bargain with. In the game of Morrowind (Xbox version, no expansions) I have some expensive items I stole that I want to sell (soul gems, random herbs, random loot, just stuff), but I can't find anyone other then the Creeper in Caldera who has enough money, and he doesn't even take certan items. Other than that, he only has 5000 gold, and some of my items are worth more. URL to post: Mxmlln Joined 14y ago. Then sell your expensive item. first off ill tell u about myslef i have beenb playing morrowind for quite a while around 3 years. He's also the master Merchantile trainer, this however will see him rip you off like nothing else. The real source of the pressure on Morrowind's economy is the player's actions. Where is Mudcrab? and have gotten incredibly rich in every account. Mudcrab regenerates his 10,000 in gold every 24 hours and is a pleasure to do business with. The Mudcrab Merchant is located in the Azura's Coast Region, on an island southeast of the Mzahnch Ruins (east of Vivec and southeast of Suran). level 1 Exit the TES Construction Set. You can sell him several items worth $10k each over several days, then when you want to sell your expensive items buy back all the $10k items and the merchant will have tons of cash available. The richest merchant in Vanilla Oblivion is The dark elf in the IC, the last thieves guild fence you get. 10. I started to look at Morrowind's economy different shortly after I made a career change in my own life. is through two unlikely suspects; the Creeper and the Mudcrab will make you rich. The simplest way to cash in on all your spoils (weapons, armor, etc.) Play! User Info: twingats6661. Other than that the thieve's guild fence Fathis Ules in Elven Gardens district is the highest with 1500 gold but a master merchant. At the Launcher screen, click on Data Files and double click the open box in front of your new mod. 9. (See Creative Bartering) He buys weapons, armour, selected magic items and alcohol only. re: Rich Traders? Sadly, the pact did not state anything about not turning him into a mudcrab. Abebaal timsar-dadisun is the richest merchant in the game outside of the Mournhold merchants and the mudcrab. and i have finished the game several times over. ... T here's no Morrowind section >:l. Well, poop. Click on File then Save and give the mod a name, like Rich Creeper. Launch the game! Most of these merchants are expert level however so getting max value will be difficult. 3 The Richest Merchant In The Game Is A Mudcrab. There's a lot of merchants in Morrowind who have wares ready to be perused, and haggling is a major part of the experience, as there's nothing quite like selling off that Daedric artifact you found just so you can buy some nice shoes for fashion purposes. He's also a merchant, the richest merchant in the game and only one of two who will give you full value for your merchandise. Do you use the mudcrab merchant?

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