Laura Hovland

Laura HovlandHeadshot Coastal

Direct: 727-251-4510

Originally from Miami, Laura has lived all over the State including the Florida Keys.  She first became a Realtor in Naples in 1992 and settled in Pinellas County in 1998. A lover of waterfront properties, she became attracted to the Company’s Brand and philanthropic contribution to the community and joined Coastal Properties in 2015.

Her professional background is in Marketing and Sales, but, it’s her attention to detail and intuitive listening skills that have made her an expert negotiator and facilitator, so paramount to a smooth, successful Real Estate transaction.

Growing up in Florida has given her a true appreciation for Nature, the Environment and all the beauty and enjoyment that Florida has to offer. So, she has a true passion for sharing it with those who want to make Florida their home!

Keeping up with trends in the market and over 20 years of experience in the industry makes her a great asset for anyone selling a home as well.

“I love successfully bringing home buyers and sellers together and sincerely believe that the transaction should be a win-win for both parties”.

“My goal is always to deliver a legendary customer experience, no matter which side I am representing”.